Best Mesh Office Chair for Comfort and Ergonomics

For those of us who work in office jobs, sitting in a chair takes a large chunk of time. Surely then, improving the quality of time spent on an office chair would matter? Studies have shown that a comfortable chair is able to dramatically increase productivity levels in people. Whereas if you’re sitting in an uncomfortable chair, chances are that the discomfort will have a negative impact on your productivity. Office chairs deserve special attention if you’re looking to stay comfortable and productive while you work. In this article, we’ll be looking at the popular and the best mesh office chairs available.

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Sitting in an uncomfortable chair is downright unhealthy as it can cause troublesome backpains and neck cramps. Believe it or not, sitting in a bad chair may lead to severe health implications. Spending a lot of money isn’t on anyone’s mind but consider it as an investment in your health, comfort, and productivity. It can always count to increase the quality of your day.

Best Mesh Office Chair 2018

herman miller - best mesh office chairEmbody Chair by Herman Miller

Expert rating: 10/10

aeron mesh office chairHerman Miller Aeron Chair

Expert rating: 9.5/10

      Haworth Zody chair

Expert rating: 9.5/10


In this article we’ll be looking at mesh office chairs as we feel these deserve special consideration. They’re light weight and look more modern as well. But of course, not all mesh office chairs are going to be comfortable, so we’re picking the most comfortable office chairs for you. Simply browse our list of picks and choose the one you feel will suit your requirements!

1.      Embody Chair by Herman Miller – Best Ergonomic Office Chair

If you’re looking to make a long-term investment in a comfortable chair, then why not go with something that looks good and will keep you comfortable? The Embody Chair by Herman Miller is one of the more premium options out there but it’s for very good reasons. Let’s start with the looks. It looks crisp and modern and if you’ve got an office that’s been designed with a modern aesthetic, this will fit right in. It isn’t all about looks either, as it has been made with a health-positive design. The goal of the designers was to promote blood circulation and to make sitting long hours more comfortable for the user.

This chair has serious engineering behind it as well. Physicians were asked to evaluate it and come up with their own recommendations. As a result, the Embody Chair is very comfortable and good for your health. The shape of the chair has been designed to mimic the human spine. The chair is able to move with your spine, keeping the spine in complete alignment and comfort. This chair is so good that actually won awards for its design and ergonomics. You can learn more about the chair in this video.

2.      Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Top Mesh Office Chair for Back

If you’re concerned about developing lower back pain as you work, then consider the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller. It’s one of the most ergonomic chairs around and we’ve selected it especially for people who’re concerned with lower back pain.

As you would imagine, this chair is very comfortable thanks to its soft cushions and special curved back. The chair moves with you so your spine stays aligned. The engineering for this chair was done with the shape of the human body in mind. It has been designed for comfort and to ease back pain or help fight against its development. This chair has a high head cushion which helps you maintain posture even if you want to lay back a little and relax. The model is available in 3 sizes to make sure that you find the perfect fit.

3.      Haworth Zody Chair – Best Office Chair for Back

The Herman Miller Aeron enjoys immense popularity because of its focus on fighting lower back pain. But it does have stiff competition from the Haworth Zody chair, which comes with special features for people who suffer from lower back pain. This chair has been designed with a focus on function over form. Make no mistake, it isn’t unattractive, but its main draw is its focus on lower back pain management. The chair has serious science behind it as well. In fact, it is the only chair to get an endorsement from the American Physical Therapy Association.

To help combat lower back pain, the chair features an asymmetrical adjustment system which has been designed in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Human Performance Institute. The design targets typical problem areas for users suffering from lower back pain. The chair has a special pad on the bottom of the back so that the lower part of your back can rest comfortably. It also has passive pelvic support that helps maintain correct spine alignment.

For people with back pain complications, this chair is perfect. It offers passive pelvic support and has adjustability options for the lumbar. This video goes into more detail about the special features of this chair.

4.      Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair – For hard workers

The Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair looks different from other chairs in the company’s lineup. That’s because for this chair the designers went for something different altogether. The design is as expected beautiful but it’s also very functional as well. This is a very well-engineered chair for people who move around a lot. The back has been redesigned to offer superior comfort and there are a lot of adjustability options with this chair. The wheels move freely so you can move from one place to another without hassle.

This chair is available in a variety of colors to suit the environment as closely as possible. It is regularly named as one of the best chairs for task masters and it’s apparent why that is so. This is a very comfortable chair for people who move around frequently. It’s an expensive chair but as an investment it’s a compelling option.

Best Mesh Office Chair Under $500

1.      Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

Herman Miller makes some of the best premium ergonomic office chairs. But let’s face it, no one wants to spend over a thousand dollars for an office chair. We encourage people to go for the best option as far as their budget allows. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, the Sayl Chair by Herman Miller will fit the bill just right.

The Sayl Chair is Herman Miller’s most affordable ergonomic chair model. Even though its affordable, it’s still a very high-quality chair. The design is very modern and certainly looks good. There are a number of color options available for every sort of interior. The design philosophy has kept the form and function in the same place. This is a beautiful chair that also happens to be very comfortable. It has superior engineering and has unique design innovations to maximize comfort.

The chair comes with what’s called Y-Tower and ArcSpan, both features which promote comfort. The Y-Tower is visible as it’s the shape of the support of the back of the chair. It stretches the fabric and offers comfort to users. Because this is a budget chair from a premium chair manufacturer, it’s missing some adjustability options. But it still remains a very attractive and comfortable chair.

2.      Alera Elusion Swivel Chair – Most Ergonomic Office Chair Under $200

The Alera Elusion Swivel is an ergonomic office chair that comes just under the 200-dollar price mark. It’s very affordable and well-built. It’s not as attractive as the Sayl Chair, but then it does cost a lot less. In this price range, it is the best-reviewed chair and people have a lot of positive things to say about it. The back is made out of mesh which keeps you cool and also offers a very soft place to rest your back.

The seat cushion is countered for enhanced comfort with a waterfall edge which helps take the pressure off your legs. Due to its affordable nature, it’s missing some of the adjustability you’ll find in expensive chairs but for this price, we think it’s quite impressive. It looks professional and is comfortable enough to be used at extended intervals. Watch this video to learn more about the Elusion line of chairs from Alera.

3.      Mid-Back Mesh Chair by Flash Furniture – Best Cheap Mesh Office Chair

This extremely affordable office chair from Flash Furniture is perfect for people on a strict budget. It is well-reviewed by users who say that it’s reasonably well-built and comfortable. It’s not a very common thing to find a good chair under 100 dollars but this is one of those rare exceptions. It features a very robust base which consists of a five-wheel arrangement. The back of the chair is made of a mesh material which is contoured to mimic the shape of your spine. The chair is surprisingly, suitable for people over 6-feet.

It’s certainly not the most attractive office chair out there but we’re happy that it’s well-built and comfortable. And in this sort of budget, what more could you ask for? This is a chair that will serve you long and well without breaking the bank.

4.      Viva Office Mesh High Back Chair – For Sufferers of Neck Pain

The Viva Office Mesh High Back Chair is an affordable chair that’s well suited to people who’re concerned about neck pain. It’s got the right for people on a budget but is built reasonably well. The chair features a mesh back which helps dissipate heat build-up. There are also options for adjustability as the chair can have its height adjusted for both the seat and armrests. The headrest ensures that you have a place to lean your neck if you just want to relax.

The chair is tall enough to accommodate people over 6 feet. At under 200 dollars, it’s a very impressive chair given its features and adjustability.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Mesh Office Chair

1.      Price

As you may have noticed, these chairs vary quite a lot when it comes to price. Herman Miller makes some of the best chairs available today but those chairs are expensive. Chairs are very likely going to be a long-term investment and it’s advisable to go for the most expensive one in your budget. Most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best and that is why we compiled a list of the better options in the market. Always keep comfort in mind as it’ll be affecting your health and productivity.

2.      Adjustability

The adjustability options on a chair aren’t totally dependent on how expensive it is. We’ve seen chairs above 500 dollars that have very little in adjustability. But this is something you should always have in mind. A chair is likely to be used by multiple persons and the adjustability means it will suit different people equally well.

3.      Shape of the Back

A chair that has been designed for ergonomic comfort will always have a contoured back to maximize spinal support. This is important because if the back is flat, your back won’t find a natural posture to rest. A flat back means a stiff back and that can lead to back pains in the long term.

4.      A Strong Base

Chairs undergo a lot of stress when you’re sitting on them. And people like to lean on their chairs as well, which puts additional pressure on the base. This is why you have to ensure that the base is made out of a sturdy material and features at least 5-wheels. Lesser wheels mean more pressure is being put on each of the wheels, which can lead to a broken chair very easily.

Final Thoughts

Chairs are often over-looked as being mere pieces of furniture. No one really gives a second thought when purchasing a chair. But the reality is that they’re an integral part of everyday life. If you work long hours behind a computer, you need to make sure that your body is in the most comfortable position possible. A good chair is going to be a long-term investment, something that will improve your productivity and the health of your spine. Do yourself a favor and buy a comfortable office chair.


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