Comfort Products 60-0582 Massage Chair Review

The market is full of great massage chairs available that can deliver a massage that comes very close to the real thing. But looking at the budget end of things, things start to look a lot less promising. There are a lot of options, but these mostly tend to be low quality products that deliver a feeble massage. They’re a waste of money and you’re better off purchasing a simple chair. However, Comfort Products 60-0582 is a fortunate exception to this, as it’s a very good massage chair that is also affordable.

Affordable and good generally don’t mix well together, but this chair makes a strong case for itself. It looks quite good and comes with great massage features. It doesn’t look very expensive but that’s because it isn’t expensive. It’s a basic massage chair that does the job its supposed to, at its price point.

Comfort Products 60-0582 Heated Massage Recliner review

Size and dimensions

This is a very well-proportioned chair that’s not very bulky and easy to move around. It comes in a simple black color scheme which might be a tad boring, but it also makes it suitable for a variety of spaces. The chair is fairly comfortable and can certainly be used as just a normal chair, thanks to a neutral seating position.

This chair is quite lightweight and easy to move around. This is important as you won’t require an extra pair of hands to just move it from one place to another. The light weight can also come in handy if you plan on juggling this chair between different rooms. Despite being lightweight, it is able to accommodate individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. Lighter chairs tend to compromise on their weight capacity, but that’s clearly not the case with this chair.

Massage features

10-motor massage

This is one of the fewer massage chairs to come with a 10-motor massager in it. The more motors, the more adjustability and more flexibility in the massage you’re able to get. The massage action of this chair is very good and it reaches deep into your muscles and relaxes them.

Massage modes

The Comfort Product massage chair comes with 3 pre-programmed massage modes that can be adjusted for 3 levels of intensity. To be fair, compared to some of the other great budget massage chairs, these aren’t nearly enough. Some of the other budget massage chairs feature up to 9 massage modes. But for what it’s worth, the massage modes on this chair do an admirable job of providing reasonable variability between them. The intensity levels are also helpful in achieving the massage experience you want.

Heat massage

This chair features a heating module that’s able to provide a more relaxing massage. You can set the chair to heat up for a few minutes before you sit in it, which is definitely a very good point. Most massage chairs at this price don’t come with this feature, so it’s a very welcome addition. The added heat makes the massage that much more effective as it makes your muscles supple.

Ergonomic comfort

This massage chair has good ergonomics and a comfortable seating position. While you’re receiving a massage, you can enjoy the convenience of having the controls at an arm’s reach with the integrated hand controller. The hand controller is laid out in a very intuitive way and it’s easy to operate it just through ‘feel’. You can adjust the intensity of the massage on the way to make the experience as hassle-free as possible.


The Comfort Products 60-0582 earns its recommendation because it’s a quality product. It’s not brimming in features, in fact when it comes to its rivals it might be a bit behind because of the low count of pre-programmed massage modes. Despite that, we feel it deserves a mentioned on the grounds of doing its job well. It does an adequate job of delivering a satisfying massage experience to its owner.

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