Ideal Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

ideal massage chair review

The Ideal Massage Chair with Shiatsu is one of the more affordable massage chairs when it comes it comes to chairs with full body advanced massages. Most of the buyers of this chair rate it highly, praising its relatively economic price and massaging features. If that’s enough to get you interested, let’s take a deeper look into what makes this chair a great buy.

If you keep your expectations in check and do not expect high-end features from this chair, it will not disappoint you. It does not have advanced massage techniques like percussion massages or stretching, but what you do get is a great massage experience within a budget price.

Ideal Massage Chair Design and Dimensions

The Ideal Massage Chair is a very good looking massage chair with an aesthetic that will look good even in a professional’s office. With a black finish and tasteful accents, it has a very understated look and feel about it. We like how this massage chair looks!

It is quite a heavy chair, weighing almost 200 pounds, so be sure to have someone help you bring it in.

Ideal Massage Chair Massaging Features

3 Zero Gravity Positions

This chair costs less than 1500 dollars and yet is able to deliver 3 zero gravity positions. That means you can recline it to a level that best suits your liking. This is an unprecedented feature for the price this chair is available for, making it a great budget buy for a zero gravity massage chair.

S-Track Massage Roller System

The Ideal Massage Chair does not come with the latest L-track massage roller system, and instead makes do with older S-track technology. However that does not keep it from delivering a very satisfying massage experience. This chair is able to give a massage from your neck down to the end of your tailbone. That’s pretty comprehensive as far as the upper body is concerned. The lower areas of the body such as the hips and buttocks are massaged through the use of its airbags and vibration motors. Please note that this chair does not perform full body stretches.

Pre-massage Body Scan

Like most of the massage chairs on the market, this chair has a body scan feature. What that means is that it performs a full scan of your body before a massage and adjusts itself to fit your body in the best way possible. This amounts to a more personal massage experience.

Foot and Calves Massager

The chair comes with a fully featured foot and calf massager. You do not get a rolling massage for the soles of your feet, as the Ideal Massage Chair makes do with simply kneading your feet. This is enough to provide your feet the basic amount of relaxation but is certainly not the best foot massage experience available out there.

Owner’s Experience of the Ideal Massage Chair

Owner reviews of this chair are overwhelmingly positive. It has been praised for providing all of the major massage functions needed for a comfortable and pleasing experience for just over 1000 dollars. Reviewers say that this chair is able to deliver a very good massage, especially in the upper body where it can massage from the neck down to the tailbone. However, it has been noted that the foot massager doesn’t really massage your feet, it simply applies pressure to the feet pressure points to achieve a pleasing effect.


Although this massage chair does not have the latest and greatest in massage technology, what it does offer is a satisfying massage experience at an affordable price point. The fact that it comes with 3 zero gravity positions makes it a massage chair that should be on your consideration list if you’re looking for an economical massage chair.


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